Why We Love Using Blue Daze in The Winter

Blue Daze

Blue daze, original to Brazil and Paraguay, can add color to your garden or landscape. This evergreen plant can grown up to 12 inches tall, and can spread about 36 inches in diameter. Although each flower only opens for one day, new blooms occur continuously throughout the season.

Blue Daze Shines in the Cold Months

Blue daze can become important in the winter months of northern Florida, since it can survive the harshest conditions Florida has to offer. It thrives in nutrient-poor, rocky, or sandy soil if the soil drains properly. Blue daze can be used as winter ground cover or border grass, but be sure to add about 2 inches of mulch in order to protect them from weeds and the cold weather.

Planting and Maintaining Blue Daze

It is best to plant blue daze in the spring time, after the coldest months of the year. In order to get maximum flower size, plant them in full sun or partial shade. When first planted, blue daze requires regular watering. Once established though, it only needs to be watered when the soil appears dry. This is one of its attributes that allows it to grow well in the winter. If used properly, blue daze can be the perfect cold weather plant.