How to Get Rid of Weeds in Flower Beds

lawn weeds

One of the most common landscaping questions asked by homeowners each year is how to get rid of weeds in flower beds. Year in and year out, homeowners are asking questions like “Why are there so many different weed killers each year” and “do you recommend one over the other in order to get rid of weeds in flower beds?”

Here are two options for getting rid of weeds in your flower beds.

Option 1: Get rid of weeds by using weed killer (not recommended)

Due to the fact that weeds, just like other organisms, evolve, scientists are constantly seeking to produce a new solution that will get rid of weeds in flower beds. Many types of “weed killers” that you will see at your local hardware store will, in concept, produce the same outcome. These types of products will most likely be the cheapest and quickest solution to getting rid of flower bed weeds. However, depending on the weather, you will need to plan on reapplying the weed killer every 3-5 months. Be careful not to spray the weed killer on or directly around the plants that you want to keep and be sure to check with local regulators if there are any questions or concerns that you may have with the selected product.

Option 2: Get rid of weeds in flower beds by removing resources

Since we know that flower bed weeds will evolve, we may find it more ideal to take on weeds with a different mindset. Rather than ridding weeds in your flower bed by applying weed killer solutions, it is much more beneficial to remove the resources that weeds need to survive.

Weeds, like all other plant species, need nutrients, water and sunlight to survive. Installing some type of professional landscape fabric can drastically help to reduce weeds in flower beds by limiting the amount of sunlight and outside weeds that enter the bed area. When choosing a fabric, be sure to ask the company how environmentally friendly their product is and how well it performs.

In addition to installing landscape fabric, adding drip irrigation to your sprinkler system is one of the most effective techniques to preventing weed growth. The general concept behind drip irrigation is to deliver water to the base plants, in order to help reduce evaporation, uneven watering and water consumption. One of the positive side effects of only watering the base of plants is the fact that much less water finds its way in between plants, which ultimately means less work for you in the hot sun!