How To Get Rid of Sandspurs

sand spurs

Do you have problems with sandspurs? If you’re like most people, you’d do anything to get rid of those pesky sandspurs.

Here’s the scoop on sandspurs and how to get rid of them.

What are Sandspurs?

Sandspurs are weeds that can quite literally get under your skin. They grow in dry, sandy spots exposed to a lot of sun. This plant’s “fruit” is basically a ball of bristles and spines and can hitch a ride to a new location on clothes, animals, and even tires of cars. Many complaints of sandspurs occur in the fall, which is when the plant is producing its fruit. Sandspurs can travel by sticking to almost anything and each bud of fruit contains about three seeds (which means that they have the potential to spread very quickly).

How to Get Rid of Sandspurs

There are a few different methods for getting rid of sandspurs.

Manually Remove Sandspurs

While this tends to be the most popular technique among home owners, it tends to be the least effective. This tends to not work because seeds tend to fall to the ground and replant more sandspurs. For this technique to work, you will need to continually remove any sand spurs that you see. In other words, if you continually remove the sandspurs without letting their seeds drop, they will eventually die out.

Promote Healthy Turf

Sandspurs grow in sandy, dry soil. The best way to prevent the growth of sandspurs or any other weed is to promote healthy turf grasses. The idea behind this is that the turf grass and other plants, which are in their optimal growing environment, will out-compete the sand spurs or other weeds. This is most effective when done within a complete landscape maintenance program


It is possible to kill sandspurs in the spring with pre-emergent herbicides. However, we do not typically recommend this as a solution because it does not fix the underlying problem that gave way to sandspurs in the first place. To get rid of sandspurs, promote healthy turf through a complete landscape maintenance program.